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It was all going so well. The children were all making great progress in response to the small “tweaks” with starting times and reorganised assemblies etc. We had a wonderfully successful SIAMS Inspection being graded Outstanding on all counts and were getting ready for the Year 3/4 production, when the world fell in! All normal life stopped and Easter holidays had to be rearranged.



We had our last School Development Day on Thursday, April 4th 2019 and were planning for the next one tomorrow evening but this cannot now take place. This is especially sad for this year’s School Council, who had worked very hard with me to research their ideas ready to present to the Governors. They looked very interesting indeed. We are in discussion as to how and when we will proceed with the Day

We held our first “virtual” full Governors’ meeting last Wednesday when almost all the Governors were able to log in to Webex, enabled by Mr Threadgold, it was a very interesting experience and we managed to complete business in just over an hour as opposed to the usual nearly two hours. This may be the way forward!



Yet again thanks to all of you who continue to support the wonderful School Association in raising the funds to allow us to remain an Outstanding School. I must again pay tribute to the work of Vicky Dorrington (Chair) and Kim Johnson (Vice Chair) and their team. As many of you will know, this is the last year when these two wonderful inspiring parents will be “at the helm”. They are passing their “baton” over to Becky, Claire and Kirsty from September. Vicky and Kim will be a hard act to follow but it will, I’m sure, be done. The latest remarkable contribution is the Astro area, which will enable the children to be able to be outdoors when this would not have been possible formerly. A formal opening is planned when this can take place. As ever, I cannot speak highly enough of the value of the work all the parents do in supporting their children’s school so well. THANK YOU. I would wish the new Team every success in continuing this excellent work.



I continue to be clear that the vast majority of parents park really sensibly – and accurately! Still some do not!

Last year a team of parents upgraded the path alongside the church park down to the Cricket Ground at Weald Park. This has now been further improved by the Council so that it is fully passable for buggies etc. in all weathers. I recently walked it to check! Additionally, a parent, Mr Stefan Reade, continues to liaise with the Park and has the means of securing the “inner” park, so there is space for upwards of 50 cars every morning and afternoon. The Park is also planning to increase security in that area very soon

We will supply the Park with details of new parents who wish to use this facility at the end of the Summer term. If you wish to take advantage please contact the School Office when advised! Sadly, with all this space, we still have irresponsible parking on Wigley Bush Lane, endangering the lives of our children. Please do not do this, especially when dropping off early in the morning. It is still dangerous though not illegal. I am sure no parent would be the cause of injury to another child – or their own.

Please also think about using the walking bus.

In short, please think carefully about the needs and safety of us all.



There have been no changes in the teaching team during this year. All the new staff and the 60 new Reception children seem to have settled in very well in their first year and are making great progress, according to the reports which have reached me.



In the same context, I must put on record my tribute to all the staff during these very trying times. As it happens, I have a number of contacts through my professional life across the South East Region. I am confident in saying that the work and support offered by all the St Peter’s School staff in maintaining your children with the opportunity for purposeful learning activity and feedback is quite exemplary. I have written to all the staff, on behalf of all the Governors, to state that. I am aware of House Points and Headteacher Awards still being recommended and examples of excellent work shared. THANK YOU.



 As I write, on Wednesday April 1st (All Fools Day), I do indeed feel fooled and almost cheated by the Coronavirus pandemic. It has changed life as we know it. Easter will be silent in church and any rejoicing at Resurrection must be muted as we daily are advised of the rising death toll across the world. I have written to advise that the Patronal Festival is, at best, on hold and will certainly not be on the weekend of June 26th to 28th.  There are tentative plans for a date in September. I hope that you will all manage something of a break over the enforced lengthened Easter break, whilst managing to juggle home educating, home working and caring for your nearest and dearest all at the same time. At least the days are longer and hopefully warmer. It has also stopped raining!


It remains a wonderful school in which to be involved!


Chris Luck Chair of Governors

April 1st 2020


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