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Spring Term 2020


Second half of term Newsletter

I hope that everyone had a great half term and survived, undamaged form the stormy weather. We have a packed half term ahead of us with shows, sports events and of course the annual Easter hat parade on Thursday 2nd April.

Pancake race

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this day. The children had a great time and we raised £1275, which we are using to replace the computers in the IT suite with faster more up to date ones. This will benefit all the children in the school.


The attendance is 97.29%. This is good although we do have a number of children who are just above or in some cases below 90%. There are of course reasons for this if your child has been in hospital or really ill. However there are a number of children who either have holidays or the odd day off here and there. This makes a real difference to their learning and, without sounding too dramatic, their life chances.  We send out notifications each half term to families whose children are close to or below the 90%. 90% may seem quite high and in terms of a test score it is great, however when you put it in context it means that a child is missing half a day on average a week. Imagine if you had a colleague at work who missed this amount of work – you would soon see a deterioration in their performance.

Swimming Pool

Over the half term teams of construction workers, an enormous crane and better weather have meant that we now have a structure over our pool. You can now start to see the scale of the building. This is such an exciting project that is not costing the school a penny thanks to the generosity of Blue Print Property Group.

New classroom

We have started work on the new classroom with the footings being dug while the children were on holiday. This will be around 85 square metres with two toilets in. The cost of the project is around £85,000. We have saved £15,000 and have an offer to meet the costs after £65,000. So that means we need to raise £50K before September when we have to finish paying. We have various fund raising projects in the pipeline. We really do need anyone who can get matched funding/ corporate giving through their work to come forward. You have to do very little to make a huge impact on the school.

Sponsored Bricks

One of the ways that we are raising money is to sell engraved bricks. These will be a legacy that you can leave behind. They will be £100 each and will be right at the front of the classroom. A separate email will be sent out with more details of this. We will be leaving space for 30 bricks.


Please do not park on the zig zags at any time as this makes it really dangerous for our children to cross the road. I know there is a sign that says no parking on the markings up to 4.00 pm however this is from a time when there were no clubs running.  In reality a good proportion of our school do not leave until 4.20 pm. If you have parked on the zig zags your child might be alright but you are endangering everyone else’s children.

Also there is a small minority of parents who keep parking in the entrance to Shepherds Croft- next to the school. They are very patient neighbours who really support the school however this is starting to cause them real problems just accessing their own house.  All the parking issues not only are dangerous but take staff time away from educating the children.

I would like to thank the vast majority of parents who go out of their way to park sensibly and keep our children safe.

Hair and uniforms

We have the smartest children in all of Brentwood and I am so proud of not only their attitudes but also their appearance.  Please can you make sure that boys’ hair is not shorter than a grade 2, that fringes are not in eyes as this distracts from learning and that boys do not wear gel in their hair.

Please can girls’ pony tails not be on top of their heads as they cannot wear their berets.  Also please can you make sure that the girls’ skirts are not too short. We have a few juniors whose skirts are way too short.

Cross country

This is a great annual event.  It’s a bit like marmite for the children; however there is a real sense of achievement when they get around the course. It does not matter the time just as long as they do their best and finish.  It is unfortunate that the event was cancelled by South Weald Park at the last minute but will be rescheduled when conditions improve.


The new astro area is nearly finished and will be used at play times as well as for sport. This will be open to year 2-6 to use as an extra playground. This will free up the bottom playground and existing astro for ball games at break. Thank you to the School Association for funding this. It cost £24000 but will make a real difference to the school.

Year 3 and 4 show

The year 3 and 4 show this term is called Jonah and the Whale. There are two performances on Thursday 19 March at 2 pm and 7 pm. As always the main parts are given to the year 4, as year 3 will get their turn next year.

Lent Challenge

The church has an exciting imitative over Lent. The idea is to slightly change what we do to help the environment. This is something that most of us could do better at. I don’t think I will manage all of them but as a family we are going to give it a good go. A separate email giving more details will be sent out to you and it would be great if you could discuss this with your children.

Message from Friends of St Peter’s Church

The Friends of St Peter’s Church was set up in 2003 with the aim to recruit members who have an interest in preserving the historic fabric of this lovely building for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

The aims of the Friends are to maintain, repair, restore, preserve, improve, beautify and reconstruct for the benefit of the public the fabric of the Church of St Peter’s, South Weald its monuments, fixtures, fittings, furniture, stained glass, ornaments and other chattels and its churchyard and churchyard extension in consultation and agreement with the PCC. As a group, the Friends are not involved in the spiritual work of the Church or its day-to-day running costs.

We focus on specific projects that will maintain and enhance the building, funding these via member subscriptions and targeting fundraising amounting to a total of over £75,000. These projects have included renovation and restoration of windows in the Tower and East Window (behind the Altar), new safety rails at the top of the Tower, essential stonework repairs, new lighting and redecoration of the Church.

Our next project is to help with financing a new boiler for the Church. To this end, various fundraising events will be taking place throughout the year, the first of which is our annual Plant Sale to be held on Saturday 2nd May at the Church from 9.30 am till 11 am. This is a great chance to purchase all your plants for the coming summer, including bedding, pot and veg items.

We would invite you to consider joining the Friends so we can continue our work. Subscriptions are a minimum £10 per year – if you are a taxpayer, we can reclaim this tax via Gift Aid. If you are interested in joining, please contact Alan Dawson (01277 821466, alandawson76@gmail.com) who will be pleased to give you further information.



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