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Summer Term 2018 first half


After the recent weather it is good to look forward to a sunnier term. Well done to everyone who made it into school during the recent snow. I think we were the only school open all three days. As long as the road outside school is gritted then we will always be open. In fact the paths and road around the school seemed to be the clearest of any in the local area. This is due, on no small part to the efforts of Errol the site manager and Mr Rose.

The children were amazing when they sang at Wembley.  It was a great experience for all concerned. Thank you to Mrs Burton and Mrs Evans for all their hard work with the choir.

We also took a group of children to take part in an Easter workshop at Chelmsford Cathedral. This was a great day for the children and again highlighted how amazingly polite and well behave the children at St Peter’s are. The teachers love taking our children on trips because they are so well behaved- it makes it really easy for us.


The swimming will start on the first Monday back after Easter. Thank you to everyone who has agreed to help with this. Also thank you for paying for the lessons, without everyone contributing we could not afford to run the pool. The cost of swimming is ÂŁ2.75 per session. This is significantly cheaper than all other schools who have to pay to use pools and also for the coach to get there.

Crossing Patrol

An advert has been published however there has not been a lot of take up for the role. In the meantime the volunteers are doing a great job. We are still short on a Wednesday if anyone can spare 20 minutes before or after school.  A reminder please to not cross at the church gate especially when we have a crossing patrol in place a little way along in a safer position.

Before School

Please can you not just leave your children in the playground before school. This is a real safe guarding issue as there is no one around until after 8.40am. . Some children are being left by themselves in all weathers as early as 8.00am. If you need to get to work then please use the breakfast club that is in school from 7.30am each morning.

Mayors Service

On Monday the 23rd April we have been invited to sing at the Mayor of Brentwood’s church service. This will start at 6.00pm and finish at 7.00pm.


It happens to us all that we need to use the toilet while out and about. If you, or a younger child need to use the toilets in school, please can you sign in at reception and then use the adult toilets – the ones with the green doors- at the bottom of the stairs. This is to stop adults being in the children’s toilets.


We have now switched over to summer uniform. This does not really affect the boys and just means that the girls can now wear the gingham dresses.

2018 intake

When we had the admissions meeting in February we found that 14 catchment children had not got into the school. We are a very strong church school but we are also here to serve the community. The view, which I share with the governors , is that if you live in the catchment you should be able to attend your local school. As a result we will be offering 60 places this year instead of the usual 45.


This is the tem when we have to carry out the majority of the testing for the Department of Education. There are the year 6 SATs. These start on 14th May with the grammar papers., 15th May is the reading paper, 16th May is paper one and two of the maths and then Thursday 17th it is the final maths paper.

There is also the Year 1 phonics test. This is a reading test out of 40. The children have to read 20 real words and 20 pseudo words .

The year two assessments start in June and last for a couple of weeks. These are set by the government but are internally marked. The children get tested in reading, writin , maths and grammar.

The children in reception have ongoing assessment all year however we have to send off the data by the end of June to say which of the 17 learning areas they have reached the required standard in.

The other years will be tested on the end of year expectations in June.

It is essential that the children attend school during this term if they are to perform to the best of their abilities.


The year 6 will again be visiting York for their residential. This is a great trip that the children really enjoy and it helps them prepare for secondary independence.

Ypres trip

We are doing our biannual trip to Ypres this year. It is particularly poignant as it is the centenary this year of the end of the war. We visit the Mennen Gate, Tyne Cot Cemetery, preserved trenches as well as a German cemetery. It is a full on day but well worth the effort.

If you are going on the trip just a reminder that you need your passport and your EHIC card.

Community Choir

There is to be a community choir for adults and children to perform.  More details will follow or if you would like to know more, please speak to Mrs Burton.

Inflatable Day and Royal Wedding

On Friday 18th May we have our sponsored event. This is when the children see how many laps they can do around an inflatable course. They then get sponsored for each lap. Last year it raised around £1500 for the school and the school’s chosen charity. The day after is the royal wedding and also the FA cup. We are keeping the inflatables for an extra day so we can have a garden party to celebrate the wedding and also have it on the big screen in the hall- as well as the FA cup afterwards.


The attendance of the children is 96.73%. This is the lowest it has been in 12 years . The outbreak of scarlet fever has not helped this but we still have a number of children who have an attendance around or below the 90% mark. There really is a huge correlation between how well the children do at school and their attendance.

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