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Summer Term 2018 second half


I hope that everyone had a good week. We have a very busy term with sports day, swimming galas, year 6 production, annual reports, display evening, the joint school and church festival, trips, Stubbers, concerts as well as the usual leavers celebrations for the year 6.  Thank you to everyone for their support with the sponsored event and the Royal Garden Party. It was lovely to see all the children eating together and the two events raised around £4000 which we have put towards the garden.


Please can you make sure that every bit of uniform that comes into school has your child’s name on it.  Each half term we have to throw away hundreds of pounds worth of clothing as we have no way of returning it to the owners.


Thank you to all the volunteers who are manning the crossing. Essex County Council do have an advert out but there have been no applications so far. Thank you as well to P and R Services who donated the child shaped cones that you can now see outside of the school. Please do not stop the traffic to let your child cross. It seems like a safe thing to do but we have had 5 near misses with parents doing this and then the car behind, not knowing what is going on, over taking the stopped car.

Also parking outside the Alms houses continues to cause problems. Please don’t park there if you have not got a blue badge.  You would think that a  massive child shape asking parents not to park  would stop even the most bare faced of our parents from parking here but as you can see even this has not stopped some people.  It is ok to drop off older children there and then drive off- if there is someone on the crossing.


We have the school concert on Tuesday 5th June. We also have a community choir singing at the Festival at the end of June as well as the joint concert with Becket Keys where the choir and talented musicians sing or play their instruments.

New iPads

We took delivery of 30 new  iPads earlier this term. These are faster and more reliable than the old ones. Thank you to the School Association for funding this and also to Mr Pring for sourcing the new units at a great price.


The school’s attendance is at an all-time low. We have an average of 7.5 days off per child. This is a lot of missed learning. We can see with the children that the ones who have the best attendance are the ones who are doing better at school. By keeping your child off school you are impacting their life chances later on. Please do not take holiday in school time.

Sports days

We are having both sports days on the same day. Hopefully this will help parents with one child in each key stage. The sports days will be on Friday 13th July with the juniors starting at 9.30am and the infants starting at 1.30pm.

We also have swimming galas on 10th July for year 3 and 4 in the morning- 9.15am start and year 2 with a 1.45 start. Year 6 swimming gala is on Wednesday 11th at 9.15am

Walking Bus

Mrs Bakal is stepping down after many years of coordinating the walking bus. A s a school we would like to thank her for all her help in running the Walking Bus so smoothly. We are extremely grateful to Mrs Everitt for stepping in to run the walking bus. This is a great way to start the day with a brisk walk up the hill, and it also keeps traffic away from the school.


The year 6 will be travelling to York for our annual residential in June. This is a great experience for the children who seem to really grow up after the week away. As part of the trip we visit York Minster, Scarborough, walk on the moors at Gothland, go bowling, visit York city centre,  go on cable cars, visit the Sealife Centre, have a trip down the mines and visit the Castle museum and transport museum.


We have our biannual trip to Ypres as part of our topic on World War One. This is a very moving trip with 158 children, parents and grandparents travelling to Belgium. If you are going on the trip please make sure that you have your EHIC and passport. We will be leaving at 6.00am in order to catch the Shuttle- we cannot wait for anyone. Also when we return please do not park outside of the school as we will not be able to get the coaches through Wigley Bush Lane.

As we are leaving early if you park in the church car park please can you park sensibly at the back so we do not cause problems for anyone else during the day.

Extra children

In September we are taking an extra 15 children into reception. There are a number of reasons for this. The main one is that there were 14 catchment families that did not get a place, but also it means that we will be able to avoid mixed age classes in KS1 for another two years. We have all the infrastructure in place to be able to accommodate the new children in school and we have appointed a great new teacher – Miss Dawson who will be joining us in September.

Staff changes

We are saying good bye to Miss Lithauer who is moving to Wales, Mrs Price who is moving to Brighton and also Mrs Evans who is becoming a SENCO in a school in Havering. They have all been great at the school and we wish them well in their future careers.

We have Mrs Derby and Mrs Eyres-Scott joining us next year. We will have a session after school in September so that you get a chance to meet your child’s new teacher. The children will meet them in the morning of 16th July.

The School Garden

We have started work on this and we are having new fences, a total clear out with new raised beds fitted and bark for the children to walk on. We are also having a new astro area where the pond was. This will be a quiet are that the children can go into and reflect.  At the end of this will be a nature reserve.  If anyone has any buxus plants or buddleia that are going spare we would be grateful to have them.


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