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Spring Term 2018 second half


Crossing Patrol

It is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Brenda and Gerry will not be returning to work. Gerry is still undergoing a variety of treatments at the moment. We wish them both well and thank them for all they did to keep our children safe.

That means that Essex are looking for replacements , as we do not actually employ the crossing patrol. In the meantime the volunteers will continue to help keep the children safe. We still need more people so that the crossings are covered at all times. At the moment we are still about 5 sessions where there is no one on patrol. If you could spare 30 minutes either in the morning or after school it would be greatly appreciated.

Please can you make sure that you also park responsibly particularly when dropping off or picking up from clubs. The children still have to cross the road and there is no one there to help. Cars that park on the zig zags or in the layby are putting our children in danger.

We have also had near misses with the children, even with the crossings patrolled, where younger children have run off from their parents and then just gone running into the road. Please can you keep younger children with you. The last really near miss was with a year 3.

At cross country club in the last week there were two people who dropped off in the layby and then one family that stopped just past the width restriction and let their child out. I know we are all in a rush but please think about where you stop.

Doing the crossing patrol is a real eye opener about the speed of cars and the parking around the school. One thing all the volunteers have said is that it does not help for parents to just stop when they have let their child out to cross the road. Sometimes we need to keep the traffic moving. I know you only do it to be helpful but we have had two occasions where the car behind has tried to overtake the stopped car which then put everyone in danger. Please wait for the crossing person to step out.

British Values Week

As part of the curriculum we have to teach the children what it is to be British. To do this we follow the four values that the government have set. These are democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith. We will look at these in more detail the second week back.

Dropping off in the mornings

As a school we are well aware that we have lots of working parents at the school. We have put on a number of before and after school clubs as well as a breakfast club. However we have noticed a growing number of children being left alone in the playground as early as 8.00 am. This means that they are left unsupervised outside until Mrs Morter comes out at about 8.40 am. We have not got the resources to man the playground this early. Please can you not drop children off and then leave them at this time in the morning. I know we want the older children to be independent but there should not be children left before 8.30am and ideally not before 8.40 am.


We have had another great term of sport . The year 5 and 6 are now Essex Champions at basketball for the second year in a row. Once is a real achievement but twice is amazing. We are also in the Essex finals for rugby in March.  As well as that we got into the finals for the indoor athletics. We have very dedicated sports staff, parents as well as very talented athletes in school.

The school cross country took place on a very cold day. The children were all amazing as it is not an easy course and they all gave it their best effort. The winning house was Tower. The four children whose names will go onto the board in the hall are Daisy, Joe, Evangeline and Stephen.

Sports day

It was pointed out that having sports days on different days is a nightmare if you have children in the infants and juniors as you have to have two disrupted days. The obvious solution was to have them on the same day. The Junior sports day will be on Friday 13th July in the morning and then the infant sports in the afternoon of the 13th. We hope this makes life easier.

Drama and music

The year three and four production is in full swing. It is Daniel in the Lions Den. The dates of the performances are 22nd March starting at 2.00pm and also 7.00pm.

The choir are singing at Wembley  on  14th March- this is very exciting.

Pancake Day

This was a fun afternoon and raised  £1000 which we are putting towards  a new set of iPads. Thank you for your support with this. We need to raise around £10000 for a class set. If anyone has any contacts where they  can get reduced prices then it would be great to hear from you.

World Book Day

This is on the 2nd March. We have again not set a theme other than whoever your child’s favourite character is, hopefully this will make it easier for you to find outfits.

Thank you for all your support with the book fair, we raised nearly £600 of free books.


We will return to swimming for the summer term. A rota will be sent out later this half term.  This is a great resource for the children but it costs.  We can only swim if we get a high enough proportion of people paying . We keep the payment as low as we can manage to and also the governors asked the school to check the cost of other school swimming lessons. We were the cheapest in the area. Even with everyone paying we still make a loss, however it is a vital life skill that we really value as a school.

Maths evening

A number of parents have asked if we can run an information  evening about the techniques we use for the four rules. This will be on the 1st of March and will run from 6.30pm until about 7.30pm in Mrs Gunn’s room. I will put a DVD on in the room next door if anyone has baby sitting issues.

Year 5 meeting

This meeting looks at the upcoming health education session that the year 5 children will be watching. We also look at secondary schools briefly and what you might need to do before September. This is a short meeting between 7.00pm and 7.30pm on Thursday 22 February.


The attendance in the school is 97.01%. The school target is 97% so we are really close and this was taken before we had a mass exodus for holiday in the last few days of term. The reason we make such a thing about attendance is that your children only get one go at education and the more they miss the harder it is for them to make the progress that they should.

The national attendance is around 95%.

We have to report attendance below 90% to Essex as it comes under persistent absence and can be classed as a child missing from education. In extreme cases parents can be taken to court.

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