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 Newsletter Autumn Term 2020


I hope that everyone had a great break and managed to get some kind of rest. I am just back from a ride from Lands End to John o’Groats so excuse me moving rather gingerly this week. It is great to finally have everyone back in school. I would like to formally welcome our new reception children to our St Peter’s family. We all hope that you will have a great time at our school. I would also like to welcome the new chairs of the school association and thank them in advance for all they will do for our school. I don’t think they could have taken over at a more challenging time.

Well we are nearly back to normal- but not quite. We still have to be very careful so that we do not have to close. However if we do then we will have online daily learning as before. The most important thing I can ask from you is to not be late. If you are late you will have to wait with your children in a designated zone near the gate until everyone has left the site. You being late will take resources away from us teaching the children. Everyone coming onto the site will have to go through the thermal camera in the hall.

We have also decided that wearing masks at drop off will add an extra layer of protection to everyone. Please wear a mask when coming into the playground. The children will not have to wear masks.


It has been a lovely side effect of the situation that parking was actually not an issue. However with everyone back please be tolerant and considerate to others. Do not park on the zig zag lines at any time- despite what the sign says. Try not to block people in, in the church. If you do please get back as quickly as possible. If you have registered for the park you will need a ticket with your registration number on. These will be given out in the playground and will need to be displayed in your windscreen.


At the end of term we had to be very lenient with the uniform. However with a new term we want the uniform back to its exceptional standard that we are all used to.

  1. Only shoes to be worn.
  2. Coats must be plain black or blue.
  3. Hair must be tied back – boys and girls.
  4. No trainer socks are allowed.
  5. Socks should be grey for the boys and blue for the girls with winter uniform and white with the summer uniform.
  6. No gel in hair.
  7. No jewellery at all – please remove earrings before entering the school.
  8. Hair bands should be small and in plain school colours.


On the days that your child has PE, please send them into school in PE kit. They will need their hooded tops as well. The children will also need a waterproof. If you need to get one, please get a blue one. If you already have one in another colour this is fine.  The children will need a spare tracksuit top, bottoms and a pair of trainers to change into if they get wet. These can live in the children’s lockers.


We will constantly assess what is working and what we can do better. We will also react to changes in government guidance.

  • Parents all drop off at the same time in the mornings and do not do staggered starts. The reason for no staggered starts is that this is potentially for two terms. To do the staggered starts it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get them in and the same to get them out. This is not practical in the long term. The risk with our school is crossing when some are coming and some are going. To stop this they all arrive and then the children will be taken from them and then all parents will leave at the same time so they are all going in the same direction. Children who are late will have a waiting zone in the car park and will only be let in once the parents are clear – please don’t be late. Everyone will enter and leave through the large sliding gate. Parents must wear masks to come onto site at drop off.
  • Leaving school infants and juniors finish at 3:10. This avoids people having to wait around.
  • The children’s lunch will be split into two sessions of 50 minutes- infant and juniors.
  • Hot lunches will be served with two choices.
  • Some groups will eat in the hall some will eat in their classrooms.
  • Break times will be staggered in bubble year groups.
  • There will be waiting zones for the parents to separate the bubbles once they are here on site.
  • No non-staff adults will be able to enter the school building without an appointment and will wear masks.
  • All parents and children have to go through the camera.
  • Anyone who is unwell does not come in or is sent home and must arrange for a test as soon as possible – see below.
  • If there is a positive case in a bubble then that group will have to isolate for 14 days- or whatever the guidance is at the time.
  • If the bubble or school has to close then we will start online learning straight away.
  • Worship in classes, with one session in hall in year group with everyone spread out and hall ventilated.
  • PE can happen but at the moment this is limited to what we can do and will have extra cleaning in place.
  • IT lessons but wipe down computers when you finish and before you start.
  • Clubs can only happen in year groups so they might be very limited.
  • Music can happen but no singing at the moment.
  • Piano lessons and guitar can go ahead but no singing or wind instruments.
  • No daily breakfast club at the moment, however we know how much this is needed and will start it as soon as we can safely, and within guidelines.
  • Children to sit side by side facing forwards.
  • Extra cleaner to clean toilets at lunch time.
  • One way system still in place in corridors.
  • Each year/phase group will have own toilet block.
  • There will be walk ways marked on the playground to get people to their zones. The school will in essence be a one way system. You need to make allowances that you will not be allowed off site until the children have gone in, which in reality will be 8:50 am.
Year Waiting zone
Reception Top play right side
1Year Top left play
Year 2 Bottom play left
Year 3 Bottom Play right
Year 4 Small astro
Year 5/6 Large astro


Covid Outbreak

If there is a confirmed case within a bubble then we will follow the guidelines issued by the government. This at the moment would mean that the close bubble would have to be tested before anyone in that bubble could return. Please do not come onto site if you have a temperature, have loss of taste or smell, or a persistent cough. You will need to isolate and get tested following the government guidelines.


We are looking at the clubs that we can run. They can only be in the bubbles, which means only year group clubs. The priority at first will be the older children as they will have less time to take part in future. We will send out a timetable this week.

Breakfast Club

This remains a challenge with the current guidelines. We also realise how much working parents need a facility to get to work on time. At the moment the best we can do is offer a day for each group. We are working on ways to maximise the time but it is a challenge with the bubbles.


 Year Group Break Area Lunch Area
Reception 10.15 Top play ground 11.50

Out side  until 12.40

Eat in hall- separate tables for classes in different areas


Year 1 10.15 Bottom Play ground 12.00

Outside at 12.15 then dinner back in at 12.50

Eat in hall- separate tables for classes in different areas


Year 2 10.15 Large Astro 12.00

Outside at 12.15 then dinner back in at 12.50

In classroom
3G 10.30 Top play ground


12.30 eat

12.45 – 1.20 outside

In classroom
4D 10.30 Bottom Play ground and small astro 12.30 eat


12.45- 1.20

In classroom
Year 5/6 10.30 Large astro 12.30 eat


12.45- 1.20

In classroom






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