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Autumn Term 2018 first half


I hope that everyone had a safe enjoyable and relaxing summer and are refreshed ready for the term ahead.

It always seems smaller without last year’s year six in the school. However we have an amazing new bunch of children who are stepping into their shoes. We are also really pleased to welcome the 60 new reception children into the school. We all hope that their time here will be successful and happy.

Over the holidays the year three and four classrooms have been redecorated and new windows, lights and ceilings fitted. They look great now. We have also had panic alarms fitted in each classroom in line with our lock down policy. This is one bit of equipment I hope that we never have to use.


We are really pleased to welcome new staff to the school. We have three new teachers this year- Mrs Eyres-Scott, Mrs Derby and Miss Dawson. We are doing a meet the teacher after school on the 6th September- Thursday. This is for all classes so you can say hello and then put a face to a name.


The school garden is now finished. We have five zones in there now. There is a quiet reflective zone that the children can go in whenever they want. A play zone connected to the classroom, a growing zone, a science zone and a wildlife zone. Please feel free to wander in and have a look. This will also provide more space at lunch and break times. We can only do exciting projects like this thanks to the support and hard work you all give to the School Association.


All the dates for the year are on the website as are the term dates for this year and next year. This should help to avoid any accidental holiday bookings.

We are still without any crossing patrol officers and will be relying on the good will of our volunteers. If you can spare 30 minutes in the morning or after school please let me know so that we can organise the training so that you can help keep our children safe. Thank you again to our volunteers who helped last year and also who will continue this year.


It is really important that the children are in school. Even a 5% drop can make a difference with the children’s progress and attainment. If the children’s attendance drops below 90% we have to report them to Essex County Council under missing from education. The attendance of the school dropped below 97% for the first time last year. This is something we will have to work on.

Food in school

We have a number of children in school with food allergies. We also have four children joining us with serious food allergies that could be life threatening. Please can you remember that we are a nut free school.  Please check anything you send in packed lunches for nuts. Sometimes these are not obvious like things such as chicken satay, pesto. We also have one child who is allergic to sesame seeds so please can check that your buns are seed free.

Parents’ behaviour

As parents you have every right to question what goes on at our school. The school would not be the amazingly successful place that it is without the significant support that we get from the parents. However we have incredibly professional and dedicated staff that work at the school and aggressive, threatening or rude behaviour towards any of them will not be tolerated. If you have a significant issue that you think might make you a little heated then come straight to Mr Gunn. This way we avoid anyone having to be banned from the premises.


This will always be an issue at the school. We have better facilities than most schools. Mr Luck has managed to get us the permits for South Weald Park again. We are fitting a path way from the church to the parking area. We need help on the 8th September from 9am and then the week after from 9.am. If you can help please bring a wheel barrow and a spade- if you have one. Thank you to Harry’s dad and also Isabelle and Daniel’s dad for providing the equipment and the resources to allow us to do the path. Hopefully this will make a difference.  It will still rely on people parking sensibly and not parking outside the Alms houses, blocking rows etc, etc.

Also if you have parked in a less than ideal positions in the church car park please do not then have a chat before returning to your car. Please get back as quickly as you can.

Church Service

The beginning of term service is on Thursday at 9.15am. Everyone is welcome however the new reception children will not be joining us for this service as they continue to settle into school life. Their first church service will be the Harvest Service later in the term.


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