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Summer Term 2019 second half



Summer Term News Letter

Fund raising

Thank you so much for your support with the sponsored event. The landscape looks bleak at the moment for school funding with a year on year drop but with the costs going up. We really do depend on the contributions – however big or small – that you make at our events. We also would not have got any catchment children into the school this year if we had not taken an extra 15 into reception. Taking the extra children has many advantages in terms of the community and also funding.  We would really struggle to keep our heads above water and the quality of provision the same without expanding.  The biggest issue is that we have had to pay for the expansion ourselves. We have just finished the extra space in the villa- please do have a look- this cost £40,000. We need one more classroom to ensure that we can keep going. This will cost around £70K. We will have to raise all the money ourselves for this!

Thank you for everything that you do in terms of fundraising, paying for trips and paying for swimming.  It all counts.


The year six and the year two coped very well with their end of key stage assessments. They were certainly challenging, however we were all really proud of the children’s effort and attitude.

Year One Phonics

The year one phonics screening is the week of the 10th June. This is where the children have to read 40 words. 20 are real words and 20 are pseudo (make up words with the sounds the children have been learning). You will then get a mark in the children’s end of year report to say if the children have met the required standard. It has been 32 out of 40 as the mark in the last few years. It is nothing to worry about if the children do not reach the required standard, it just means that they are not quite ready but will be soon.


The school festival is on the 29th of June. There are various events leading up to it such as the art exhibition and music concert on Tuesday.  There is then the Saturday fete and the fun run. The children have to try and beat an aging Mr Gunn for a Gold head teachers award.  Open gardens at Hou Hatch on Sunday afternoon – these gardens are amazing and the cakes are out of this world.

Holidays and attendance

We had 34 children not in at all on the last Friday of term. We then lost a further 20 in the afternoon. That is 16% of the school.

The schools attendance is sitting at 97.1% We need it to be over 97% so we need a really healthy holiday free term to keep this.


Thank you for your patience with the swimming. We had a hygiene incident and then a broken heat exchange- all on Mondays. The Monday groups were already being charged less due to bank holidays but we will make up the missed lessons or refund any difference.


There are loads of things happening this term so please check the diary for dates. We have the festival, swimming galas, sports days, church services, summer concert, year 5 and 6 production, end of term discos, leavers evening, York as well as loads of school trips and sporting events to ensure the children get a fun rounded education.

Adults in school

Please can you not sneak into school unless you have signed into reception. We still have a number of parents who think it is Ok just to wander around the school without going through the office. We cannot have adults just walking around the school. You are always welcome in school but please sign in. The only exception is for breakfast club and adults should only come through the infant doors.

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