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Autumn Term 2019 

autumn 2


Second half of term Newsletter

We have had a great start to the term and have welcomed 60 pupils into reception. They are great and have settled in really well. The start of term is always busy and we have crammed a lot in.

The school vision is ‚ÄôFor the children to realise their God-given gifts and talents, and grow following the example of Jesus.‚Äô Matthew 19:26- But Jesus looked at them and said, ‚ÄúWith man this is impossible but with God all things are possible‚ÄĚ. ¬†We try to live this by giving the children as many opportunities to find what their talent is. We also work hard each day in worship to develop the children‚Äôs characters.¬† Next half term in worship we will be looking at the school values and how we can model these in our actions.

My favourite part was seeing how the community pulled together to find a venue and move all the resources for a circus with about 30 minutes notice. This was done with a lot of help and hard work form the school association. A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs McTurk who allowed us to use Calcott Hall Farm and all the facilities. The children had a really memorable evening which made all the hard work worthwhile.

The new grass on the field is growing slowly and hopefully will be ready for this half term.

Thank you to everyone who helped count the money after the penny race. There was over 250kg of coins collected and this takes a lot of counting. It looks to have raised around £1000.

The children have been very active helping the environment. We have a group of very keen gardeners who look after the school garden. We have also have a group of children who go out every Monday lunch time and collect litter from the village. So far they have collected 22 bags of rubbish. They also raised £112 to buy litter pickers. They are out in all weathers and we are very proud of them.


At the school we pride ourselves on the uniform and I think it sets us apart from other schools. It is something that the staff and children are very proud of.  As winter approaches and you are buying coats please can you make sure that they are plain black or plain navy blue and that the coats do not have large emblems on them.

Also a number of children have been wearing earrings to school. Please remember that we do not have any jewellery at all in school. The children will be asked to remove any jewellery that they wear. They cannot do any PE with earrings in their ears.

Times table rock stars

We have introduced this to the children to help them with their times table practise. It has been a great success already and we now have queues of children wanting to practise at lunch and break times.


The new reading books are working well in the infants. As part of our push on reading we will be sending out details of an APP you can use at home to help with reading comprehension. This is linked closely to the books we use and goes through to year six.

We will be holding a series of training events in a few weeks so look out for these.

All weather play area

We are replacing the adventure play area with a large artificial play space. This will mean it can be used in all weathers for PE and also for break times. This has been made possible by the fundraising of the school association. The project has cost £25K but will make a really positive difference to our children. The idea for this project came from the children themselves.


No newsletter would be complete without a reference to the parking.  Firstly please can I thank the vast majority of our thoughtful parents who do park sensibly and considerately before and after school. Please remember that parking outside the Alms houses on either the zig zags or the single yellow line is not permitted after 8 am and before 4 pm.

Parking on the zig zags is never allowed and makes it really dangerous for our children. The worst time for this is when we have clubs.  Is it really worth risking a child so you don’t have to walk 100 metres?

We will be sending the next list of cars to the park just before Christmas, so if you have any changes please bring them in before the end of term. We can only send them in each term so that we do not cause extra admin work for the park team, who are doing the school a huge favour.


I cannot believe that we are this close to Christmas. It is such a magical time for the children. The Christingle service is on Sunday 15 December at 4.30 pm. This is where the children bring in their candles filled with money and exchange it for a Christingle. This is one of my favourite services of the year.

The infant nativity will be on the afternoons of Wednesday 11 December and Thursday 12 December.

The end of term carol service will be on the 20th December.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool project is progressing really well. All of the very complex, and expensive, ground work has been completed and the steel work is now being fabricated ready to be erected after half term. Our thanks go out to Blueprint Properties and our generous parent who are providing, what will be an amazing resource for our school.


We have been nominated for a COOP community award. This is a blatant sales pitch by the COOP to get us to register with them.  It costs £1.00 to register . However we are looking to get new movable goals for the field.  These cost around £2k. I think that as it is hassle to register and it costs £1.00 that not many people will do it. With this in mind if you could register and then vote for St Peter’s I think we will have a really good chance of winning.


I know this is a bit of hassle but I really think we have a good chance of winning because it is not straight forward.  If you can get grandparents to do it as well that would be great.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are only allowed in school if we have had a letter from the parents saying that the child is walking home.  In these cases the phone must be switched off and be handed to the teacher.  The teacher will then keep the phone on the desk and the child can collect it at 3.20 pm.  The phones remain the responsibility of the children.






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