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Autumn Term 2019 


Beginning of Term Newsletter

Welcome back. We all hope that you had a fun and relaxing summer. The children looked really smart this week and seem to have settled in really well. The children need to wear their caps, berets and blazers to and from school. I have noticed a number leaving school without their hats. If your child has their ears pierced please can you make sure that the earrings are removed from their ears before they come to school.

As the weather gets colder and you are thinking of winter coats please make sure that they are plain black or plain navy blue.

We have got the school harvest festival on Monday 30th September. On this day we bring in food and toiletries for the local food banks.


The expectations for the children in reading seem to be getting higher and higher each year. Not only is the vocabulary getting more complex but also the amount the children have to read. This year in the year six tests they had to read nearly 2000 words (an increase of 500 on the year before). This means that the children have to really build up their stamina for reading.

One of the great things about our staff supporting other schools is that we can constantly look at how other people do things and evaluate this against our methods in school.  While doing this we have found some great ways that children can enhance their reading skills. One way is introduce a reading challenge in each year where the children have got a series of books to read each year at home. We have also replaced all the infant books with new more relevant titles. We have also moved worship to give us two longer reading sessions so we can develop stamina. In every class we will have three to five words each week that we will investigate in depth. We have also got a new on line reading support package that has reading books on with questions and quizzes. We will use this in school but it will also be used by the children at home. Later in the term we will be sending out log in codes so that the children can access these great resources on phones and tablets at home.


We have had new entry systems fitted on all the doors into the school. This will make the site more secure for the children. If you need to come into school please can you come in through the main entrance.

If a younger child needs the toilet at pick up please come in through main reception and use the adult toilets rather than the children’s.


One of the great things about the position of the school is the varied wildlife that we have around us. The bad part of this is the damage that they cause to the field. It had got to a stage where we could not have home football games due to the condition of the far end of the field.  We decided to take the drastic action of ploughing and reseeding the far end of the field and the cost has been met by hiring the school to Football UK.  We will then do the other part of the field early next year.

Swimming Pool

For many years we have wanted our swimming pool to be indoors. However the costs have always prohibited us from doing this. We are incredibly lucky that a parent, with the support of The Blueprint Property Group are paying for the entire project. This is such a fantastic gift for the school. The idea is that we then rent out the pool in the evenings and use the money that we raise to subsidise our children’s use of the pool.

Breakfast club entry

If your child comes to breakfast club, please walk them down to the infant doors. A bell has been fitted on these doors so that you can let the staff know when you have arrived.


We are much luckier than many schools with the parking available to us. Please be considerate of others. If you do block someone in then get back to your car as quickly as you can. The way that the country park is being monitored has now changed to a private company. The country park are doing the school a huge favour by allowing cars to park there. It is not something that they have to do and they get nothing out of the deal other than a load of paper work.

The new system means that every car has to be registered to be allowed to park in the park for free. We sent out registration documents at the end of term. If you missed this or have changed your car over the summer then unfortunately you will have to wait until Christmas.

The reason for this is so that we do not put pressure on the administrator at the park who has to enter all the numbers. If we get lots of individuals contacting them then there is a very strong chance that they will say that it is too much hassle and stop us from using the park altogether. Please do not contact the park individually.

LED lights

Over the summer we have had all the lights in the school changed to LED lights. This will cut our carbon footprint and also save a significant amount of money on the schools electricity bills. The school got a grant for this work.


The circus is coming to town! Tickets are available from the school association. Please do come along and support the school while having fun. If you have any friends or families from other schools they are very welcome as well.


This term’s worship will be based around the school vision- ‘For the children to realise their God-given gifts and talents, and grow following the example of Jesus.’

Matthew 19:26- But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible”. We will also be working on the pupils’ character through our school values as well as celebrating Christian festivals.


The school clubs start from next week. This is a great time for the children to try something new. You never know that might be the thing that they really excel at. All children from year 3-6 are welcome at Mr Gunn’s and Mr Ellis’ rugby club on Friday straight after school until 4.20 pm.


If you are in the infants your school meals are free but you still need to activate your account so that you can pay for trips and clubs. If you pay for your dinners please can you keep an eye on your balance as these should be in credit rather than debit.

If your child is going on a trip the authorisation for them to go is through Parent Pay.

Packed Lunches

We are a no-nut school so please check the ingredients of all packed lunches and also snacks before and after school.  This is because we have a number of children with serious allergies that can be life threatening if they come into contact with nuts.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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