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School Priorities

Priorities for 2018-2019

We have a very comprehensive School Development Plan that is put together with consultation from staff, governors, pupils and parental comments, as well as OFSTED and other advisory service input.

School development priorities

  1. To ensure that pupils make at least expected progress and 30% accelerated ( accelerated should be any child not at ARE)
  2. To ensure that at least 95%of pupils in each cohort reach the expected standard against the new bench marks.
  3. To ensure that the school follows the new procedures so that it is GDPR compliant
  4. Targeted interventions are set so they maximise the progress of the pupils.
  5. Literacy skills are consistently taught across all year groups so that progress is rapid and sustained.
  6. The pupils are prepared for the 2019 Times tables test in yr  3 and 4 and 95% achieve ARE
  7. Transition between EYFS/Year 1 and Year 2/3 allow pupils to make sustained and measurable progress.
  8.  To have clear out lines about what greater depth looks like in each subject in each year.
  9. To have a safe usable Garden that develops the pupils spiritually.
  10. To ensure that the Mastery approach is fully embedded across the curriculum
  11. To ensure that children understand and uphold British values
  12. To ensure that St Peters is a Distinctly Christian School.


What have we done in response to Ofsted?

St Peter’s was last inspected in 2009 and judged to be outstanding. ¬†Ofsted were very impressed with the quality of the School Development Plan. They asked us to choose one area that we would like as our main focus. We chose ICT to enhance learning. In response to this we have had three high speed computers fitted in each classroom (funded by The School Association). We have also bought visualisers for classrooms using the Tesco vouchers that were donated to the school.

We have replaced the ICT curriculum with one that is relevant, cross curricular and pushes standards even higher. We have introduced the new computing curriculum from September 2014.

Faster computers fitted into the suite.

Tablets and i-pads are used in all classes to make the link between ICT skills and learning in other subjects.

Ofsted also noted that our attendance rates were slightly low for an outstanding school as they were just above 96% and asked us to take action. As a result, we will take an even firmer line on unauthorised absence. Any absence that we do not authorise will now be passed on to the Education Welfare Officer who may then issue fines. The Governors will also continue to monitor absence rates and seek to take action as necessary. The absence rates are now significantly better and above our target of 97%



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