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Pupil Premium

In 2016-17 we will recieve £20,060 for pupil premium and previously looked after pupils.

Below is a summary of the planned expenditure.

To read our detailed Pupil premium strategy for 2016-2017 and the impact of last year’s expenditure please click here:


Provision type Total cost
Payment of clubs £1,950
Payment of swimming and trips £1,560
LSA run intervention £3,283
1:1 tuition £4,239
Teacher led intervention £1,548
Small class size in KS1 £1,500
Additional maths teacher KS2 £1,550
Extended services (counselling) £600
Social / Behaviour support £932
Speech and language support £155
York trip payment £400
G&T workshops £100
Homework club £414
SENCO family support £1,662
Additional maths teacher KS1 £185
Total £20,078


Summary of how pupil premium funding was spent in 2015-2016

At St Peter’s school we receive ¬£25,120¬†extra pupil premium (16 pupils x ¬£1320)


Type of support Specific area Amount allocated Detail
Learning support Learning support £17680 We use the funding to provide extra LSA hours to support disadvantaged pupils in a variety of ways:

  • Before school daily tutoring 1:1
  • Daily afternoon 1:1 support for spelling, phonics, reading and maths skills
  • Intervention group support both inside and outside of main teaching time to target various areas of need. This is for pupils across KS1 and KS2. This year we have a greater number of younger pupils who require this support so more has been spent.
  • LSA trained to provide learning mentor support for pupils with emotional needs.
  • Extra reading time for PP children who read less at home.
  • Gifted and talented pupil premium pupils taken to G&T days for writing and maths at local secondary school
  • Follow up developing higher levels of writing group 1:4 for G&T PP pupils.


In addition we have used the funding to support smaller group teaching:

  • KS1 small class sizes
  • Year six small maths group with DHT
Extra SENCO support £380
  • Homework club after school to support pupils with completing homework tasks.
Booster catch up programme £2903 1:1 weekly targeted sessions for pupil premium pupils in literacy and maths following careful data analysis by the SENCO.
Enabling access to a rich and varied school experience for all/ Club attendance and  School trips £3318 We average about three trips a year with an average cost of about £70 per year and support families with these payments.We offer a place at one paid club per year (in addition to many free clubs in school)
Swimming lessons £844 We cover the cost of Swimming which is approximately. This is the cost of 16 pupils swimming once a week during the 6 months we swim.




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