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Newsletter Summer Term 2021

second half

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. It has been eventful! We are hoping to get back to normality as soon as possible, however we will have to wait until the announcement on the 21st June before we can finalise all the events that we have planned. I would however rather plan them and have to cancel than try and fit things in at the last minute.

Chris Luck

Chris has been the Chair of Governors for the past twelve years. He has been pivotal in the school’s continued success and has brought around a number of changes in the way the school is governed. This has allowed for more time to be focused on improving our school and less time on needless burocracy. Under Chris’ time as Chair we have seen the school transformed out of all recognition but also still keeping our core values at the heart of everything that we do. Chris has provided unwavering support for the school as well as a high level of challenge. He is stepping down as the Chair at the end of term. I know he would not expect anything from the school but I would not want to not mark the end of such a successful time at our school without something. Chris is heavily involved with the church and as I am sure you are aware, they are struggling financially. Instead of donating to get Chris a gift for himself, I know he would really like the money to go towards the church. If you would like to donate please do so at


Sports day

The sports days will go ahead unless something drastic happens as the children will be in class bubbles and it will be outside. The proposed date is 8th July with infants in the morning and juniors in the afternoon.

Rainbow run

As part of the South Weald Festival we are doing a coloured run. This is a really fun way to get fit. You basically wear a white T-Shirt and then do laps of the field as paint is thrown at you. By the end you will be a living rainbow. I did one a couple of years ago with my girls and it was fantastic. The run will be built into the school summer fayre on Saturday afternoon 26th June.

Building work

The pool is really coming on now and will be ready for the new term. This is such an amazing resource that will be a benefit to our school for years to come. The windows are about to be fitted and the pool re tiled to make it even more amazing. The showers are being fitted outside the changing area so that the clothes no longer get wet. We also have a grant for solar panels so that we can reduce the pools running cost. As part of the grant we got half the money for a new heat pump boiler. We have to put ÂŁ30k towards it and then ÂŁ35k will be given to us. This will really help with future costs. ÂŁ5k is going to be donated by the school Association to allow us to proceed with this project- so thank you for all your support of recent events.


This is the less glamorous side of school life. We are not on mains sewerage here. This means we have our own mini sewerage plant. Where this is located is hilly and really overgrown. We have just got a grant to make the plant accessible when it is time to empty the tank. Not the greatest grant we have got, but certainly needed!

Class space

Blue Print Properties, who are building the pool for us, have helped out again and have modified the area between the pool and the school so that we can have an extra amazing teaching space. This will be another fantastic addition to our school and will be ready for a year 3 class in September.

Gardening club

It has been great to see the gardeners outside each week. They have planted various vegetables as well as wild flowers for the bees. The garden looks great at the moment and the gardeners are having lots of fun each week. Thank you for all your donations.


We continue to push reading at our school. The more the children read the better they are in all subjects. I know what a pain it can be after a hard day to hear the children read, but this will make such a difference to them. The children who are heard read every day stand out in the progress that they make.

We are introducing a new star reader scheme in school. This will simply be books with a star on the spine that other children have recommended.  Inside the front cover will be other books in the series, books by that author and also other books similar to this. This will help some children who are overwhelmed by the choice of a new reading book.  We are also investing another £10k into the reading books. However, if you are having a clear out and have any good quality books you could donate, then this would really help out as well.


We are in the process of redeveloping the library space. If anyone can spare a couple of hours in July to help sort this area out then it would be really appreciated.

Sponsored event and Father’s Day Sale

Firstly thank you for all your support with the sponsored event. It was great fun- well apart from the vertical wall that we had to lift every child up 6 times- I slept well on the Friday night. It did feel like we were finally getting back to our school, where extra things just happen.

The Father’s Day sale is on the 16th and 17th June with Krispy Kreme orders delivered on Friday 18th June. These are great ways to kill three birds with one stone:

  1. Get a well-deserved gift for dad
  2. Fill the doughnut craving
  3. Raise money for the school.

On Thursday this week – 10th June, we have the year 6 leavers’ photographs being taken.


We have years 3-6 attending Stubbers Adventure Centre. This is something we missed out on last year and were keen to make it happen.  Even if the restrictions are not eased on the 21st we would still be able to go ahead with this under the current restrictions, so I am confident that this will happen.


Last year’s year 6 could not do this trip. It really is an important time in the children’s school career as it gives them some independence and really does prepare them for secondary school. The fact that it is great fun also helps. We are due to go to York from the 12th to the 16th July. This one really is in the balance and depends on the announcement. However we got in early and booked it so it is easier to cancel than try and arrange at the last minute.

Extra lessons

We have been running extra dance and music lessons for the juniors after school and year 1 and 2 in school time. We have used specialists to run these and they have been fantastic. They have also freed up time so we can do a little extra literacy to try and plug a few COVID gaps.

Report writing day

There is no school next Monday 14th as the teachers take this time to write the children’s reports. They will be similar to last year’s format, as this worked well and allowed more time for the comments about the children’s character and learning behaviours. The reports will go out on the 16th July. We also have display evenings booked for the 8th July (juniors) and 15th July (infants) but again this will depend on restrictions being lifted.

Iain Gunn

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