Newsletter Spring Term 2022

First half


Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that you all had a restful Christmas and could spend it with your families.

It seems that the new variant is spreading fast but does not seem to be impacting people health as much. The new guidelines are that you only have to isolate for 7 days if you do the following: That you have a negative lateral flow test on day 6 and then on day 7. This means that on day eight the children can return to school.

If your child has symptoms- which are more like cold symptoms- please test the children with a lateral flow before [i]sending them in.

If you have COVID in the household, and the child has not had COVID within the last three months, please isolate for 5 days. This is an extra precaution but has stopped several cases from entering the school. The biggest risk at the moment is that we will not have enough staff for the children, so we are taking this extra measure to try and keep the school running as normal as possible.

It is inevitable that there will be some disruption this half term but we will do everything to make sure that the children’s education does not suffer. We have a select bank of supply teachers in case teachers are having to isolate. We hand pick these teachers and interview them and watch them teach before using them. This also means the supply teachers can take part in our training and know the school and children. We do not use supply agencies as the quality of staff that come in can fall below our high expectations.

If your child has to isolate, then there is work on the website under COVID. We have signed up to an online scheme for some of this work, so it matches even closer the grammar and punctuation being taught in the class. It also provides instant feedback to the children. We will need to send you a code to access this. If your child is isolating, please let the school know and we will send you a code to access the site.

In terms of absence- there still other illnesses out there but we need the children in as much as possible. If they have a negative lateral flow and are well enough- please send the children into school.

The school’s policy on actual sickness is that the children must isolate from school for a full 24 hours after they are physically sick or have diarrhea.


Clubs will run as normal this term. We are happy to add fencing to our selection. This has been a popular one with a waiting list already. We try not to cancel clubs but if we do then an email will be sent out so please make sure you check these daily.


Uniform is a huge part of the school. It is not an option. We expect children in shoes- not trainers. They should wear their cap or beret on the way to and from school.

Earrings are not allowed- even the invisible ones some children have been trying to get away with. Please make sure that they are removed before school. We also do not have any hair gel, there seem to be a few younger boys who have this in so please can you make sure this stops. Please can you make sure that all hair – longer than shoulder length- is tied up. This is boys and girls. Hair when cut should not be any shorter than a grade two.

Trainer socks are also not part of the uniform so please can socks be ankle length.

When the children do outside PE in the juniors, please can you make sure that the hoodies are the school ones and not random ones. We have a large stock of high-quality secondhand uniform for anyone who need to update any uniform.


I do not bang on about parking because it is some strange hobby. I mention it because it is dangerous for your children. The worst examples are when people park on the zig zags. They are there for a reason. If you park on the zig zags then drivers cannot see the children crossing the road. Putting hazard warning lights on while you park on these is not a secret cloaking device- we can see you. Also having a personilised plate while you park on these just lets us know who is risking the children.  There is a misleading sign near the zig zags that says you can park on markings after 4pm. I have spoken to the police, and they assure me you cannot park on zig zags at any time. This is for the single yellow line further down the hill. I have contacted the council to have this removed so that the parents who endanger the children cannot use this as an excuse. It seems that if it is written down it makes blocking the view of motorists in the dark safer- just using common sense would probably be a better thing.

The double yellow lines on the hill are there to allow passing places for vehicles coming up the hill. If you park in these it causes chaos as there is no way for cars and lorries to pass.

In the church car park please do model the values your children are so wonderful at. If you have to block anyone in then please get back as soon as possible. Also blocking the main entrance is not a good idea.

If you have registered a car and need a new parking permit for the park, please see me in the playground as I will have them.

Iain Gunn

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