Newsletter Spring Term 2023

First half

Happy New Year.

It was a real treat to have parents in to watch the nativity. For the year two children this was the first live event in front of mums and dads, in the three years they have been at the school.

With the New Year come resolutions. I have 4. Less crisps, more cycling, learn Arabic- not going well as it is really hard, and learn sign language.  With the start of this year can you all have a resolution to not be on your phones when you pick up the children. Instead ask them about their day and talk about yours. We are noticing a real difference with the children’s speech since we all became more mobile. It would be lovely to have no one on mobiles in the playground.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and an enjoyable New Year’s Eve. Let’s hope that the snow was just a one off- fun for a day but the ice was a real pain. We had 110 children away on the day it snowed out of 412. Well done to the families who made it in.

The school events start off with the Epiphany service on the 11th January 9 am.


Thank you to the thoughtful sensible parents who correctly park each day- even when they are late, it’s raining, must get to work or the gym.

To the parents who cannot see zig zags, think other cars have a hover facility to get out of the car park or, a new one- think it is ok to park outside the church and block the view of the crossing. Please sort out your parking behaviours.


There is a real correlation between attendance and the progress that children make. The more the children are in school then the better they do. The school average is 95.96% This is lower than during Covid.  The school target is 97%.  We must write each term to parents whose child’s attendance falls below 90%. This is classed as persistent absence and we must report these figures. A low attendance with no valid reason can lead to Essex County Council issuing fines. We know that children do get ill and that is why it is important not to take the children out in term time.

Parents evening

We have the half termly reports going out on Friday 3rd February. This gives the grade for effort and attainment. The target is a 3 in each as this means the children are doing what has been asked of them and meeting age related expectations.

We then have parents’ evenings 8th and 9th February via the online system. You will be able to come in and look at the children’s books after school on Tuesday 7th February 3:30- 6pm.

Cross Country

The rescheduled cross country is on Tuesday 7th February and will be in the afternoon in South Weald Country Park- same route as before.

New staff

We are really pleased to welcome Mrs Levett to our school. She is an experienced teacher who has worked at a school in Billericay.  Mrs Levett will be working in year 3 and taking on 3D.


The choir will now run on a Thursday morning and will be led by Miss Barnes. Miss Barnes has previously worked at the school as a class teacher and now works in school teaching tuned instruments and also one to one music lessons.


The children can bring in fresh fruit for snack time. Please do not send in sweets, packets of biscuits or cereal bars. Please just send in fruit.  If the children have grapes or strawberries, please cut them to lesson choking risks.

With packed lunches, please can you ensure that no products you send in have any nuts in them- it is surprising what does contain nuts.

If your child has a birthday, please only send in sweets that have the ingredients on each of the individual items inside. If the ingredients are only on the outside packaging then we cannot give these out. This is down to Natasha’s Law that was introduced last year after the tragic death of a girl on a plane.


It is really cold so please can you make sure that on non-PE days the children are in blazers and coats. Caps and berets should be worn daily when not a PE day. When it is a PE day the children must be in full kit with a St Peter’s Hoodie- not a random blue one. There are a number of these in the pre-loved shop so please make sure that your child has one. Please make sure that all clothes are labelled.

Infant socks

When the children come in PE kit in the infants, please can you try to get red socks. They are available in smaller sizes. There is no rush but as soon as you find a pair, please can the children wear them.

Iain Gunn

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