Newsletter Autumn Term 2022

First half

I hope that everyone had a break of some sort over the summer. It was lovely having sunshine.

It is always sad to return with out the year six children, however, we know that they are in a fantastic place academically, socially, and morally to start secondary school. In fact, the results that we got this year for the year six end of key stage were the highest we have ever got with every child leaving after passing maths, reading and grammar. The national figure is 59%. This is testament to the fantastic teachers and the effort that you all put in with home schooling.

We are very excited about the new children who are joining the school and cannot wait to get to know them and their families.

There is lots in the news about the economic climate. We have to balance at school between giving the children a balanced and enjoyable education and also the costs to parents. There is a rough costing for each year group’s trips on the website. Please talk to me in confidence if you need any help with the trips.


Our attendance last year was the worst it has been in 20 years. I know that there was a pandemic but there were also more holidays booked than ever before.

We aim for 97% attendance for the children. There is a huge correlation between attendance, mental well being and attainment. It really is important for the children to be in school. If they are genuinely ill then fair enough but if they are just not quite 100% they should come in. Otherwise, we are teaching them bad habits for the world of work. A lot of children had an attendance of 95% - which seems good but that means they missed 19 sessions - or about half a day every other week.

If the attendance falls below 90% then we have to report these as persistent absence and there is a chance you can be fined.

No holidays will be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances and again there is a chance that you will be fined for taking these. The school does not get any income from this.


We try to plan ahead with events, such as plays and sports days, so that you can plan work around these.  A list of dates can be found on the website and we will update these as more events become available.


We have a number of formal meetings coming up. The first is for the reception parents on Wednesday 14 September (6.00 - 6.45 pm) and this is to look at the curriculum in more detail and answer any questions that you may have.

Reception parents will then have an individual baseline meeting that will be taking place this half term.

Year one parents have a short information meeting on Wednesday 21 September (7.00 - 7.30 pm). This explains how the children will be assessed going forward.

We also have the year six parents’ meeting on Tuesday 20 September (7.00 p 7.45 pm) where we look at the year ahead and some important events like York, SATs and Health Education.

We then have the meet the teacher meetings on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 October (Year 1 - 6). These will be done via the on line system. Feedback from teachers and the majority of parents is that they prefer this to in person.  Pupils’ books will be available to view on Tuesday 4 October between 3 and 7 pm.


Black school shoes- not trainers are to be worn. We also have a strict no jewellery policy. If your child had their ears pierced over the holidays, please make sure that earrings are removed before returning on Monday.

The uniform is a big part of what makes our school distinctive. We try to keep the costs as low as possible, however there are some branded goods that can only be purchased from either Havering Schoolwear or Marks and Spencers.

We have a thriving recycling department that is run by Mrs Emmings. This allows you to get very high quality branded uniform for a fraction of the cost. It also really helps us with our environmental pledge as it means that we are doing our bity for recycling. We can not recycle branded school wear so any left over goes straight to land fill.


In my first paragraph I spoke about how the children leaving the school were fantastic and had great morals and social etiquette. Please model this to your children in the car parks around the school. Do you want to be setting the example of swearing, aggression and anger to your children? Even if someone has blocked you in or abandoned their car like it has been stolen, please be tolerant.  Please help us to educate your children on tolerance and manners by displaying them outside the school.

As I write this I don’t think the repairs have been carried out to the car park at the country park. I was assured that this was to be done over the holidays. We even had a parent who had organised for the work to be done. However this was not able to happen. I hope that the repairs will be carried out very soon and that we can have the whole car park again. If you do park in the country park then you need to have pre-registered your car and have a green parking slip (available in the playground).

I am genuinely running out of sarcastic messages for those who park on the Zig Zags so please don’t- unless we can get some sent in by responsible parents.

Church services

We have ten church services a year. There are four this term. The beginning of term service on Thursday, Harvest, All Saints and then the Carol service on the last day of term.


We have worship every day and the schedule can be seen on the website. I run two sessions a week, Mrs Stapleton one, Rev’d Jane does the Wednesday and then we have a singing worship on Fridays. The worship is always based around a religious teaching, however, we link this to our school values, behaviour and anything topical, making sure that it is fully inclusive and helps develop the children’s character.


I wish I could give you better news however for a variety of reasons we have not moved on since the summer. I will let you know when there is any update.

Iain Gunn

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