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Newsletter Autumn Term 2020

second half


I want to start this newsletter by thanking everyone for sticking to the rules when on site at school. I know they are a pain but each day we are fully open is a win and it is down to you that we can do this.

If the worst happens and we have to lose a group for a 14 day period then there will be live lessons. We sent out an email last term that explained what would happen. However, please can you make sure that your child could access either a phone, lap top, tablet or iPad in the mornings and you can get onto Zoom, DB Primary and Times Table Rock Stars and My Maths in the Juniors.  If it happens, it will be quick.

On a more positive note, I don’t think I have ever seen the teachers enjoy being with the children and teaching them ever, in all my time in the profession. It is great to have everyone back.  Our attendance is the highest it has ever been! Banning holiday travel does have its advantages!

What I have really seen from all the painful lock down restrictions is that we have a really great school with fantastic children, committed staff and parents who really support us.  It is a great place to work and send your children.  This was highlighted with the penny race which raised an amazing £5,200.  This money is going straight to buy iPads.  When we use the School Association money we look to see what projects will impact the most children. The iPads are used by all years and we have a set now that are too old to take updates.

We have also registered with the two sites below. If you shop through these, then the school basically gets free cash.

charity links

Breakfast Club

We have looked at where the need is and altered the days as there were some years that were not using the facility at all and others that needed more days.


As it gets colder and wetter the cars get closer and closer. If you park on the Zig Zags at any time you are basically saying that you are more important than anyone else and you really only care about yourself and no one else or their children. It is dangerous. The massive lines are a clue. This includes picking up from after school clubs.

The double yellow lines on the hill are there so that cars can pass and we do not get total grid lock. Please don’t park on the double yellow lines.


We will be selling poppies in bubbles each day starting on the first day back and then stopping on the 11th. We will do a minutes silence in our classrooms.


When it is not a PE day please make sure that the children are in full uniform. Hats, ties, blazers, hair tied back, shoes – not trainers.


We cannot have a year without a nativity. The children do it in bubbles anyway so we can do it. It won’t be to a live audience but it will happen. We will get it on DVD and perhaps live stream it.

Christmas trees

We are selling Christmas trees this year. We make ÂŁ5.00 a tree so we can sell them to you at really low prices compared to garden centres. The money is made from match funding. This is where companies donate money to employees who help out. If your company does any kind of scheme like this please let us know as it makes a huge difference. This will be the only fund raiser at Christmas as we cannot have the annual fayre.

Lunch boxes

We are getting more and more lunch boxes dropped off during the day. I know we all forget things but we had 11 on one day. This means the office staff have to make 11 trips around school. I know we all forget but please make sure you have it before you leave home.

Parent Pay

If your children are in the juniors, please can you check your Parent Pay account for dinner money.

Swimming Pool

The new pool complex is genuinely amazing. We are hoping to have it all up and running by the spring term. It really will be worth the wait when you see it! Thank you to Blue Print Property Group for all they have done in making it such a fantastic resource – it is massive!


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