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Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2019-2022:

Pupil Premium Statement


In 2018-19 we received £23,680 for pupil premium and previously looked after pupils.

Below is a summary of the expenditure.

To read our detailed Pupil premium strategy for 2021-2022 and the impact of previous year’s expenditure please click here:




Clubs 3300.00
Payment of swimming and trips 3445.00
Intervention group (including reading and spelling intervention) 8658.58
School trip support 136.00
Small class size in KS1 1500.00
Additional maths teacher KS2 2000.00
Small class size in Maths (1:13) 600.00
G&T workshops 80.00
Homework club 555.00
SENCO child and family support 10530.00
Lego club (social support) 961.98
Club support 1887.00
Lunchtime support 6290.00
Stubbers 560.00
Councelling 225.00
York 800.00
Total Cost £41,528.56

Summary of how pupil premium funding was spent in 2018-2019At St Peter’s school we received £38,347 extra pupil premium

Type of support Specific area Amount allocated Detail
Learning support  

Learning support

£13131.60 We used the funding to provide extra LSA hours to support disadvantaged pupils in a variety of ways:


Before school daily interventions 1:1

Daily afternoon 1:1 support for spelling, phonics, reading and maths skills

Intervention group support both inside and outside of main teaching time to target various areas of need. This is for pupils across KS1 and KS2. This year we had a greater number of younger pupils who require this support so more has been spent.

LSA’s trained to provide learning mentor support for pupils with emotional needs.

Extra reading time for PP children who read less at home.

Gifted and talented pupil premium pupils taken to G&T days for writing and maths at local secondary school

1:1 weekly targeted sessions for pupil premium pupils in literacy and maths following careful data analysis by the SENCO.

1:1 Full time support for pupil with severe learning and emotional needs

In addition we have used the funding to support smaller group teaching:

·         Reception & Year 1 small class sizes

·         Additional Maths teacher across KS2

Extra SENCO support £1455.00 ·         Homework club after school to support pupils with completing homework tasks.

·         SENCO offering support to families

Enabling access to a rich and varied school experience for all/ Club attendance £4628.32 We offer a place at one paid club per year (in addition to many free clubs in school) We also paid for support for children with behavioural difficulties so they could attend a club
Swimming lessons and  School trips


1459.25 We cover the cost of Swimming which is approximately. This is the cost of 16 pupils swimming once a week during the 6 months we swim.  We average about three trips a year with an average cost of about £70 per year and support families with these payments.



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