Sports Premium

2021 - 2022

Type Cost Detail
Coaching / teaching £2784 Specialist sports coaching and teaching for all year groups
 Football coaching for year 5 and 6 £1140 Football coaching
 Athletics £950 Athletics coaching
Swimming £1500


Towards the cost of resources and maintenance of school pool

To resource the new school swimming pool.

  £1020 Year 2 – 6 planning and specialist supervision of swimming galas.
Football 570 Football coach at lunch times for juniors
Extra supply cover that sports teachers/coaches can accompany teams to competitions in all year groups £375 KS2 Cross country x 5.5 days
 Athletics £450 KS1/2 Athletics x 3 days
 Inclusive games £300 Inclusive games supply cost
 Football KS1 and 2 £400
KS1/2 Football x 1 day tournament plus 10x £25 per game.

New football kits

 Muti skills £150 KS1/2 Multi skills x 1 day
 Cricket £300 KS2 cricket x 2 days
 Rugby £300 KS2 rugby x 2 days
Netball £400



KS2 netball x 1 day plus 10x £25 per game

New posts and protectors

New netball kits

 Tennis £75 KS2 Tennis x ½ day
 Rowing £75 KS2 Indoor rowing x ½ day
District Competitions £450



3x days out at county finals

4x days at District finals

3X days Hockey

Staff PE training £1800 3 days training for all teaching staff . The focus will be gymnastics this year
Dance £3500 Extra dance session for all children in juniors after school enhance cultural capital
           Spend   £20478

Grant £19152

Additional spending outside of grant £14000

Donation from Blue Print Properties

£120000 decarbonisation grant

£30000 Dioses grant

£25000 from school funds

New safe PE storage close to sports fields

New swimming pool building

New heat pump boiler to run the pool and solar panels to cut costs of swimming sessions

Impact of sports premium on our pupils

Physical education

We have quality PE lessons that pupils engage with and enjoy. One hour of PE is taught by qualified teachers who are PE specialists. The other is taught by the class teacher. The outcomes of the 2016 SHEU survey reflect this:

  • 100% of boys and 100% of girls said they enjoy PE either a lot or quite a lot.
  • 100% of pupils also responded that they enjoy sport outside of school and 88% of boys and 96% of girls responded that they enjoy sport quite a lot or a lot.
  • 87% of boys and 88% of girls reported that they exercised at least 3 times last week to get out of breathe. The national figures are 74% and 72%
  • 75% of boys and 58% of girls responded that they were active for 1 hour or more in the last five days the week before. The national figures are 27% and 20%


We have a variety of clubs and sports running throughout the year. These include rugby, netball, fencing, basketball, cross country, cricket, athletics, football, tennis and gymnastics. 95% of the children who can attend extra curricular clubs do with the most popular being cross country where over 100 children attend each week. Click here to see the list of current clubs

Competitive sport

The children play regular competitive matches in all sports as well as competing in district cross country and athletics events.

Below is a list of our successes in 2017-2018


As every child in the school gets one swimming lesson a week – for 6 months of the year- it means that our children far exceed the minimum requirements for swimming

By the time the children are 7 – end of KS1 95% of pupils can swim at least 15m in a variety of strokes. 80% can swim 100metres.

By the end of year six 100% of the pupils are proficient in a range of strokes. They can also carry out basic life saving techniques. 85% of pupils could swim over 1000 metres by the time they left year six. They are also proficient in basic life saving skills.

Competitive Sport 2017-2018

The children play regular competitive sports matches against Primary schools in the District.

St.Peters are affliated to the Shenfield Sports Partnership (SSP) who provide weekly sports tournaments for primary schools in Brentwood & Shenfield.

St.Peters, also compete in Sports competitions organised by the District – Athletics, Swimming, Netball, Cross-Country & Triathlon.

For all tournaments, we enter as many teams as we are allowed, to ensure as many children as possible are able to compete.

St.Peters hold Inter-House Competitions in Football, Tag-Rugby, Basketball, Swimming & Athletics where every child takes part, Led by House Captains

St.Peters hold an Annual Inter-Class Strictly Dancing event for all children in KS2.

St.Peters were awarded the Gold Sports Award in 2018

Below is a list of our successes in 2017-18



Year 5/6 -Winners of District Shenfield Cup. Two St.Peters teams were entered in this tournament

Year 5/6 - Winners of the Primary Cup – this competition led to the County Tournament in Chelmsford….. Three St.Peters teams were entered in to this tournament.

Year 6 – Essex County Tournament -The team finished 3rd.

Year 6  – District League winners

Year 6 - Langhelt Cup- reached the Semi-Finals

Year 5  – Brentwood Prep Tournament – reached the Semi-Finals 

Year 3 – Primary Cup Finalists

Year 1 /2 – Primary Cup

5 year 6 Boys were selected & played in the District Squad


Year 5/6- Shenfield Cup reached the Semi-Finals. Three St.Peters teams were entered in to this tournament

Year 6 – finished 4th in the District league

2 year 6 Girls were selected & played in the District Squad.


Year 6- Primary 7-a-side Rally- Winners. Three St.Peters teams entered

Year 5/6- Hi 5 Netball Rally Winners. This lead us to County Tournament in Basildon…..

Year 6 – Essex County Winners

Year 6 – League Winners

Year 5– Brentwood Prep Tournament – reached the Semi-Finals


Year 5/6- Winners of the Primary Cup – leading to County Tournament in Southend…….

Two St.Peters teams were entered in to this tournament.

Year 5/6- Runners up in Essex  Finals 

Year 4 – Tag-Rugby Festival- Finalists

Quick sticks Hockey

Year 5/6 – Primary tournament- Winners This lead us to County Tournament in Chemlsford. Sadly, our team was in York but we entered a year 5 team. We entered 4 teams in this tournament

Year 5- Essex County 11th

Mini Tennis

Year 4 – finished 2ndin the Plate


Year 5 Boys & Girls– Winners

Sports Hall Athletics

Year 5/6 – Won heats

Finished 3rd


Year 5/6 -Winners of the Primary Cup – leading to County Tournament in Harlow…….

Three St.Peters teams were entered in this tournament.

Year 6 – Essex County Winners

St.Peters were top of the Champion Academy league in all years between October- March but sadly the monthly tournament lost its venue at Becket Keys

Year 6- 5* Basketball Tournament – Winners

Year 4 -5* Basketball Tournament – Winners


Year 5/6 -Primary tournament- Finalists. Three Teams were entered into this competition.

Cross Country     Kate Mansell

Year 5/6 Boys -Primary Competition……….

Individual Results…………….. 

Year 5/6 Girls -Primary Competition

Individual Results……………………..

Year 4/5 Boys- Primary Competition…………

Individual Results…………..

Year 5/6 Girls -Primary Competition

Individual Results……………..

Year 5/6  Boys District Cross-Country-Finished ……….. Individual Results

Year 5/6  Girls District Cross-Country-Finished…………..


Large School Year 6 only Event held at St. Peters 3rd

Boys Long Jump -1st. 60m Sprint 1st , Relay Team 1st

Inclusive Sports

Children from St.Peters represent our school at various events aimed at widening participation in Sport including the Brentwood School Games & events involving sampling Paralympic Sports.

34 St.Peters Children attended the Brentwood School Games

Active Kids Festival 

Termly 10 different children are selected from Year 4 and 2 year 6 students to attend this event.

All the children take part in small –sided competitive games

The 2 Year 6 students are Young Leaders at these events.

Inclusive sport

Children from St Peter's represent our school at various events aimed at widening participation in sport including the Brentwood School games and events involving sampling Paralympic sports. For all tournaments we enter at least 2 teams to ensure that as many children as possible are able to compete. In the recent Shenfield Cup, every single boy in Y5/6 was able to play in the football tournament.

Inclusive Games

8 children from Yr 4/5

Brentwood Games

34 children took part – Curling, Team-Building, BMX & Dodgeball

8 Yr 4 Girls- Curling Champions

8 yr 4 Boys- Curling Champions

9 Yr 5 Girls

9 Yr 5 Boys- Curling Champions

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